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As a candidate you can easily add your qualities on your dashboard and post a professional resume. Write down what you’ve done so far and what you want to do in the future.
As an employer, you can introduce your company and advertise vacancies, depending on the package you have booked. Which qualifications are required? Where is the place of work? What’s the salary like?

Find jobs and applicants

Now the companies can see your business card with your qualifications and career aspirations and address you directly. Of course, initially only via the protected Kutni mail system. You can also choose whether your photo can be seen clearly or only pixelated. So you can look for a new job anonymus, if you are still employed.
As an employer, you can contact suitable candidates directly. Ask for further informations or fix a date for an interview.

Remember, apply & hire

Depending on your wishes, you can exchange ideas with the employer or applicant via the protected Kutni mail server, or send the employer your complete documents directly. Even if the first attempt might not work, use the employer’s questions to complete your profile.
As an employer, you can decide how many applications you want to allow. Based on criteria (e.g. driver’s license required) you can select and get to know the applicants in a targeted manner.