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First create your profile. This is publicly visible. Only then do you continue with the resume.

You can upload your references and certificates under application documents. What and how much you set here is up to you. The files can be viewed by companies to which you have applied.

You can insert additional images in the attachments file. For example work samples. For example a workpiece that you made or a report about yourself. This does not have to be used, but in some cases it makes it easier for the employer to recognize your skills.

This refers to school-based training, i.e. elementary school, high school, university but also vocational training. Include the senior year.

If you are still very young, you can also include your grades in the description.

Enter your professional history here as completely as possible. State your job title. If you don’t want to name the company, you can also insert a more general name here, for example just the industry. This is also useful if the industry is not recognizable to other users. Not everyone works for large companies … so write, for example, Müller GmbH – Sanitary Technology. But a further explanation is also useful for large companies. You can also use the description for this.

Here you can enter your other degrees and qualifications that do not directly count as training.

If you want to point out certain skills, you can do that here. You can also specify a level of your skills. Of course, it only makes sense to state things that you are good at and not what you are not so good at.

Don’t forget to save your details!