Hema, Datenbankarchitektin aus Indien

IT & Telekommunikation

Über mich

Ich suche ein anspruchsvolles und herausforderndes Umfeld, in dem ich mich mit meiner Qualifikation einbringen kann und zum Geschäftserfolg beitragen kann.
Ich habe bereits mit Retail-Domain-Kunden als Entwickler in der Softwarebranche insgesamt 6 Jahren gearbeitet.
Schwerpunkt in SQL, XML, HTML, Windows-Betriebssystemen. In den letzten 3 Jahren habe ich mich auf Google konzentriert
BigQuery- und Tableau-Berichtstool.
Meine Stärken sind:
• Gute Kommunikationsfähigkeiten und der Wunsch, im Team oder als Einzelperson zu arbeiten.
• Kenntnisse in SQL, SSIS, PowerBI, Salesforce Cloud (Front-End-UI), Jenkins, Tableau, Splunk, Google
bigquery, atscale-Engine.
• Interessiert am kontinuierlichen Lernen neuer Technologien mit dem Ziel, eine anspruchsvolle Karriere zu verfolgen
• Erfahrung in der Arbeit als Teil des Teams und als Einzelperson.
• Fähigkeit, Ideen, Probleme und Lösungen zu verbreiten, zu koordinieren und effektiv zu kommunizieren
innerhalb des Teams.
• Gute zwischenmenschliche Fähigkeiten und Motivationsfähigkeit.

Technical Skill:
• Methodology : SSIS, Tableau, GCP
• Languages : SQL, UNIX, XML, HTML, JAVA
• O/S : Windows NT, LINUX
• Tools : Splunk, powerBI, Tableau, MS Visual Studio, Github, Google BQ, Jenkins
• Other Software’s : Sales force cloud (front-end UI), Atscale engine
• Domain Knowledge : Retail
• Project Methodology : Agile


V R Siddhartha Engineering College 2016


Bachelor of Engineering in Information technology affiliated to JNTUK

Arbeitgeber & Berufserfahrung

The Home Depot (THD) / Atlanta - USA 01.05.2018


Languages & Tools: SQL queries, Teradata, SSIS services, Goggle bigquery, Tableau, Service now Roles & Responsibilities • Modified Teradata queries to big query formats as part of cloud migration. • Made changes in package to handle the third party data and export data formats by using Jenkins tool. • Created automation script on manual errors and system thrown errors which reduces cost efficiency to the client. • Added functionality in the package to handle legacy system data. • Created new procedures to handle proper data as per the client requirement by using SSIS tool. • Created Procedures and functions to handle all the business logics while processing the data. • Added new functionality in a SSIS as per the business requirements. • Took responsibility of IQA, FI & PMR closure deliverables. • Attended the Scrum events such as Daily standup call and Client interaction meetings. • Prepared the weekly reports(WSR) and Change list documents as a part of Production support Activities. • Ability to identify the issue and do necessary process in order to make the application stable. • Writing backend Packages and Procedures and functions based on Customer Requirement. • Customized and developed the new Reports by using BI tools according to the client requirements. • Coordinating on site and offshore team efficiently. • Validating/creating dashboards by using the Tableau, powerBI tool. • Issues(P1 priority) fixed to the US Site by using service now tool. • Leading, providing technical and functional support to the team members. • Worked on a IPMS and process related activities • Received the best performer and star of the team in a short span.

Mothercare (MC) / Watford-UK 01.12.2016 - 30.04.2018


Languages & Tools: SQL, SSMS and SSIS, Tableau, Sales force cloud(Front-end UI), Samanage. Roles & Responsibilities • Worked on order management system(OMS) of the customer placed orders. • Worked on forms migration and time complexity of manual correction of forms from users. • Created the required DB objects such as Tables, Sequences, View etc., for SSIS reports. • Created packages to process the data loaded in the staging table using business rules. • Created various dashboards using different BI tools as per the client requirement. • Worked on service now tool based on prioritization of user requests. • Created N no of Procedures and functions to handle all the business logics while processing the data. • Created views for the Data export while receiving the client placed order. • Designed a new technique in salesforce in order to reduce the manual correction. • Reduced the manual loading process effort by designing of scripting to load data. • Issue(P1 priority) Simulating and fixing to the US site in samanage tool. • Developed new reports(CO,DO) based on the requirement of the client. • Coordinating on site and offshore team efficiently • Took responsibility of audit documents for IQA closure for each deliverables. • Attended the Scrum events such as Daily standup call, Sprint Planning, Sprint Retrospective, Sprint Review & Sprint Backlog meetings. • Prepared the KEDB Documents and Change list documents as a part of Production Activities.


SSIS, Tableau, GCP
Unix, HTML
Windows NT, Linux
Power BI
Splunk, Jenkins
MS Visual Studio, Google BQ
Sales force cloud
Atscale engine